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Hebrew Letter Meanings Chart by Sum1Good Hebrew Letter Meanings Chart by Sum1Good
"Hebrew Letter Meanings Chart" is a chart I created after 30 years of related study, and the comment I placed below it should shed some light on it's importance.

Note that this chart is designed to aid in understanding the power inherent in all spoken words once translated into Hebrew sounds, and as such it is a good starting point for creating flashcards as well, letter image and verbal sound on one side, with the ancient meanings on the other side.

It will take months of practice to see when a specific letter should be used rather than a similar sounding letter when translating a given name into Hebrew letter meanings, and it is recommended that one obtain and use both a Hebrew Interlinear Bible as well as a Strong's Hebrew Dictionary (which has definitions by number linked to each word of the Hebrew Old Testament) when studying existing names and name changes in the Bible to see the correct methods employed.

This is a very large image so to read it clearly be sure to download the full sized image.

I have closed all Comments on this image but feel free to contact me in NOTES if you have any related questions or comments, thanks.
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